Wrigley Field is now 100 years old. It officially opened on April 23, 1914. That's a feat in itself.

The Chicago Cubs have been playing baseball there the entire time. In that 100-year period, the Cubs have never played in the World Series.

Why? Because this franchise stinks.

The Cubs are the Detroit Lions of baseball. Both are bottom feeders when it comes to getting close to winning championships.

The Cubs were owned by the Wrigley family for many years. The son took over in 1945 and knew his team stunk, so he wanted to make Wrigley Field a great place to go. He made that much happen, but the Cubs still stink.

The Cubs have an incredible following in this country. They are loved by many and scorned by more. In the past few years, they have had many new managers and given huge contracts to ballplayers who smell. I have had the great fortune of going to Wrigley many times and it is the Disney World of stadiums in this country.

The Chicago Cubs are now owned by Mr. Tom Ricketts, who grew up across from Wrigley and proposed to his wife in the stadium's venerable bleachers. He knows of all the losing and horrible years. Now he says it's time to get things done and win a championship.

And that sounds great, but when the smoke clears, they're still the Cubbies.