The Detroit Tigers (10-7) beat the Chicago White Sox (10-11) tonight in Comerica Park, 8-6. The First run was scored by the Sox in the 1st when Jose Abreu hit a single run homer. Detroit would tie it in the second when a line drive double hit by Miguel Cabrera allowed Ian Kinsler to score.  In the 3rd Inning, the Tigers would take a huge lead with runs scored by Andrew Romine and Rajai Davis. This was followed by a 2 run homer hit by Cabrera, and a sacrifice fly ball from Nick Castellanos brought in a run from Victor Martinez. At the top of the 6th, The Sox would score when a single hit by Alexi Ramirez brought home Abreu. Another run for Chicago was scored in the 8th when a sacrifice fly ball hit by Alejandro De Aza let Adam Dunn score a run. In the top of the 9th, a line drive single from Paul Konerko, scores a run from Marcus Semien. Then a 2 run homer hit by Dunn brought the Sox to 6 runs. But, Joba Chamberlain was able to get the last out to seal the win for Detroit. The Tigers play again tomorrow against The Sox again tomorrow. Game broadcast begins at 6:40 PM tomorrow on Lansing's Big Talker, WJIM, 1240 AM.

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