What will a Saturday game against a surging and surprisingly strong Indiana Hoosiers team mean for MSU football when they kickoff in East Lansing? So far this season it has been like the Twilight Zone.

MSU starts out against Rutgers and commits seven turnovers in that loss. Then, they play Michigan at Ann Arbor and commit no turnovers and won. That was a game nobody including me thought they could pull off and win.

Then, there was lasts week's debacle. MSU traveled to Iowa City and lose big. This was the quarterback Rocky Lombardi’s homecoming because he grew up two hours from Iowa City. He stunk and so did the whole team. A team effort of not good football.

But, that was last week. Can MSU football continue to mystify and totally surprise us? Well, first of all, they will have to keep turnovers to a minimum. Lombardi, will have to play much better. I’m looking for consistency with this guy. So far it has not shown up yet.

Now, let’s talk about the Indiana Hoosier football team. Usually, they smell. But not this pandemic era season. They are led by quarterback Michael Penix Jr. He is playing solid football. He’s out of Tampa, Florida. He’s also thrown seven touchdowns and just one pick. Their rushing game is led by Stevie Scott III. He has already scored four touchdowns. Indiana’s defense is also pretty good.

MSU head coach Mel Tucker better have this team ready to roll. Because last weekend they really laid an egg. MSU is seven-point home dog. Can MSU cut the cake tomorrow at home? Toe to leather at high noon.

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