Gregory Ringel is bad at a lot of things. The Michigan man is accused of covering up an attempt to kill his wife by staging a fake home invasion to cover his tracks.

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The 57-year-old man from St. Clair County's Casco Township faces numerous charges after trying to kill his wife in the middle of the night on March 29 and then staging a bogus home invasion.

Gregory Ringel is Bad at Marriage

Ringel was cheating on his wife. Reports indicate that Ringel was having an affair with a former coworker from out of state.

Gregory Ringel is Bad at Murder

(Thank goodness) Authorities indicate that Ringel made an attempt on his wife's life. During the failed attempt he bumped something while walking through the kitchen at their home, knocking it over, and causing a racket that disturbed his wife while she was sleeping.

He then used a single-shot 12 gauge shotgun to try to shoot her. He missed, and the woman closed the bedroom door, unable to see who had shot at her.

Gregory Ringel is Bad at Covering His Tracks

Ringel told police he had been sleeping in another room when someone broke into their home. He told he only saw a shadow and shot in the direction of the intruder as he fled. The man then called police to report the home invasion.

Gregory Ringel is Bad at Lying to the Police

Deputies confirmed that the 12-guage and Ringel's handgun had both been fired in the home but began to notice inconsistencies in the man's story. Upon interigation, Ringel admitted that he had made up the home invasion story in order to cover up the fact that he was trying to kill his wife.

He's been arrested and charged with assault with intent to murder, firearm discharge in a building, false report of a felony and two felony firearm violations.

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