This seems redundant, but it has to be addressed! I have been harping about how dirty our city is for a couple of years now. I’m not the only one who thinks that. Everyone that I have spoken with and people who listen to my Mad Dog Show also agree.

I had our Mayor Andy Schor on the program last year and he even agreed with me. If you want at least one legacy from your tenure as mayor, please attack the trash situation in Lansing!

I actually do have an idea. I’m sure there are enough city employees making a good living that have some multitask time. This is what I propose: Andy Schor could put together a trash task force. These people could recruit volunteers and different groups to attack disgusting eyesores around the Lansing area.

These people working for the city government could recruit church groups, schools, businesses with co-workers, teams, and anyone who would want to pitch in and help clean this filthy city. This city has become a pigsty.

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What they would do is organize a template with a total laundry list of what to do. This city seems very unorganized with this situation and area. If our Mayor was on my show last year and agreed with me about how dirty the city is, then do something about it!

Be proactive and attack this problem with a trash task force. Start fining people around the city. This has become more or less an epidemic.

So, Mr. Mayor, the ball is in your court. Or do nothing and let this problem fester so it gets worse. Just saying!

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