During the Mother's Day festivities going on this weekend in the Okemos area, I stumbled upon a carnival, while visiting the city of Okemos at the Meridian Mall.

Experience Food, Rides, And Games at the Meridian Mall Carnival

If you have a moment, grab the kids while the temperatures get nice outside, and head on over to the Meridian Mall in Okemos.

You can see games and food, and even enjoy a few rides while at the mall.

Nathan Vandenburg TSM Lansing
Nathan Vandenburg TSM Lansing

The Spring Carnival at the Meridian Mall

If you're curious as to why the carnival came to town, so was I. However, upon doing some research, this actually a recurring event that happens at the Meridian Mall.

You can enjoy the rides from May 6th through the 15th.

Monday through Friday, you can stop on by anytime after 4pm. On weekends, feel free to stop by at any point afternoon.

Get ready to enjoy the carnival, because it won't cost you too much to take the kiddos out and enjoy the sun.

  • One Price Ticket - $25.00
  • Single Ticket - $1.50
  • 15 Tickets - $20.00
  • 50 Tickets - $50.00

As a heads up, you need a max of three tickets per ride, and you also need a ticket or wristband for each ride that they have.

You can get more information on this event, by following this link back to this Facebook Event.

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