This is getting quite interesting.

Former Detroit Tigers hurler Max Scherzer still is without a MLB team. Meaning his super-agent Scott Boras still doesn't have that $200 million contract that they have been looking for.

Max Scherzer has been with the Tigers for a while now. A year ago he won the Cy Young Award in the American League. Scherzer almost won back-to-back awards, just falling short this past season.

The way I look at is this: today's MLB pitchers pitch less and make more money. Max Scherzer has only pitched one complete game in his major league career. But yet he turned down the Tigers' offer of $ 147 million dollars early last season. His group is looking for $ 200 million deal with anyone and so far no takers.

Don't get me wrong, I really hope Max stays in Motown, but they cannot give him that kind of cheese. He is a proven commodity as a solid starter, but any pitcher is just one arm injury away from retirement. Scott Boras has a very strong reputation as a shrewd agent and getting his clients what they're seeking. But I think this time might be a little different.