Is there a more Michigan sight than the majestic Mackinac Bridge? The five-mile span connects the state's upper and lower peninsulas at the Straits of Mackinac. It's a joy for many travelers upon first seeing the bridge on approach, a thrill to cross the open waters of the straits and a must-have pic.

So would it surprise you to find there are some who give the bridge 1-star reviews on travel sites? Believe it or not, they do.

Culled from popular travel sites like Trip Advisor and Google, check out the worst reviews of our Mighty Mac.

6 travelers felt the need to post poor reviews of the bridge to Trip Advisor. That site's lowest ranking, one star, equates to a 'terrible' experience. To be fair, few found the bridge to be worthy of a low score, the bad rankings come from the cost of the toll or a delay in travel. Some said:

State of Michigan should be ashamed to charge $10.00 one way for a pickup camper. Nice bridge but they need to be realistic

Yeah. We got to UP BUT..
It took 24 minutes because they were painting it. Does this make sense in peak season? It's a bridge. It's feelings won't be hurt.

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Google Reviews have similar themes of toll costs or delays due to construction, heavy traffic or booth tenders. Some, however, do appear to have a bad axe to grind with the bridge itself:

Scary bridge. I hate heights. If you don't mind being a mile up in the air and driving 5 miles over the straights, then go for it.

I am a Michigander and have been everywhere in both Peninsulas. The Mighty Mac is dangerous and will be on the news one of these days. It is time to build a state of the art tunnel for vehicle transport

Bridge is too long I got bored, not even worth the 4 dollars. Just buy a boat and sail across its much better

Windy.Almost blew me over the guard rail, while riding my motorcycle.Takes 7 seconds to hit the water, if you go over.Only the brave, can do.Feeling lucky ??

A secret some of these intimidated drivers may not know is the Bridge Authority does offer a Drivers Assitance Program where you can be driven Miss Daisy style across the bridge. The program is currently, as of this writing, suspected due to the pandemic.

And if the Mackinac Bridge is sentient and can read this, just know big guy, the first rule of the internet is to never read the comments and don't feel the trolls. We all still love 'ya.

And anyway, it's not like anyone is really able to avoid you. The only way to get between Michigan's peninsulas without crossing a toll bridge would be a long circle-tour of Lake Michigan passing through Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

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