Former All-Pro wide receiver Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions is a finalist to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was a great dominative player on rotten teams with the Lions. The only problem is he is not on speaking terms with the Detroit Lions organization.

In June 2017, the Lions told Johnson to give back some of the $16 million signing bonus. He signed a $130 million contract extension in 2012. Calvin Johnson gave back around a million. Johnson retired after the 2015 season, so obviously he retired before the contract was up.

But, c’mon the man is known as “Megatron” for his great athletic ability. He should have been able to keep the entire contract for his services for such rotten teams he played for with the Lions.

So this is how I really feel. Yeah, he retired before the contract was up. But the Lions have paid so many guys who just smelled at their jobs. Like Matt Millen, Bob Quinn, Matt Patricia, Jim Schwartz and about another hundred guys. My point is these guys all failed at their jobs and were fired before their specific contracts were over. They received all of their money.

But Calvin Johnson retired early and has to give back a portion of his contract? This is pure hypocrisy. He is a possible Hall of Famer and has to give back some of his money, and the guys I listed smelled at their jobs but kept all of their money. Oh yeah, the same thing happened to Barry Sanders. That’s why the Lions are in a class all by themselves.

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