Illinois residents take the crown for 'Most Beautiful' in a recent survey and while we're happy for residents in the 'Land of Lincoln', we think they got it wrong with Michigan and Indiana. Because neither state made it in the top 10, or even top 20 for that matter. So how did this study draw its conclusions on which state has the most beautiful people?

The Categories

Bonus Finder decided that the categories to determine what state had the most beautiful residents had to include Miss USA Winners, Miss Teen USA Winners, Victoria's Secret Angels, Number of Men from People's Sexiest Man Alive list. And as you can imagine, a lot of states couldn't fulfill those categories. Texas had the most Miss USA and Teen USA winners, California is home to the most VS Angel's and men on People's Sexiest Man Alive list and New York has the most models.

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Michigan has a fair amount of Miss USA residents which helped the state score higher than Indiana who had zeros in several categories. Michigan is home to three Miss USA contestants. Both Indiana and Michigan are home to Models which helped keep each state out of the very bottom of the list. Michigan is home to 43 models while Indiana is home to 27 models.

The Winners 

Each state received an overall score and here are the Top 10:

1. Illinois


3. Texas

4. Nebraska

5.New York

6. Hawaii

7. Oklahoma

8. Vermont

9. Florida

10. North Carolina

We're definitely taking the results from this survey with a grain of salt because Michigan and Indiana are certainly home to beautiful residents in each state.

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