Brayden Lape is ready to put Grass Lake, Michigan on the map. The 16-year-old high school student will show America what he's made of on this week's Live Rounds of The Voice. 

Lape has been a standout since his blind audition which landed him a spot on veteran judge Blake Shelton's team. Lape, a sophomore at Grass Lake High School not far from Jackson and sang the song Niall Horan’s “This Town” at the blind audition and has been impressing the judges since.

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The high school athlete, who plays both football, basketball, and baseball according to Mlive, secured his spot in the top 16 and the live show by making Shelton proud with his rendition of “Mercy” by Brett Young and becoming the winner of the Battle Rounds. Shelton, in his 23rd and final season of the singing competition, has referred to Lape as a singing Tom Brady.

On Monday night, Lape's fate will be in the hands of America. Lape is set to sign on tonight's show with the results being announced on Tuesday night, November 15th. Voting will be open and fans of Lape across Michigan, and the country can help make sure he continues on in the singing competition.

You can catch Brayden Lape on The Voice tonight starting at 8:00 pm on NBC, with the results show airing tomorrow night.

Let's show some support for Michigan and vote, vote, vote! We're all cheering you on Brayden!

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