Well, this is a bummer. Less than a year after opening, the only remaining Chick'nCone restaurant in Michigan has shut its doors.

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The fast-casual restaurant chain was launched in 2014 by Jonathan Almanzar and Josh Lanier in Colorado and then New York.

Chick'nCone's first brick and mortar location in New York City got a lot of media buzz.

chick'ncone, Facebook
chick'ncone, Facebook

Overall the chain has gotten a lot of attention, being called a "viral sensation" for its Instagrammable menu featuring crispy fried chicken tossed with sauce and served in a hand rolled waffle cone. Other menu items include chicken sandwiches, fries, corn, and milkshakes.

In addition to being on the TV show Carnival Eats, Chick'nCone was also featured on "Best Thing I Ever Ate":

Sadly, it did not work out for Chick'nCone in the Mitten State.

The first Michigan location opened at 361 W. 14 Mile Road in Madison Heights in 2021. The restaurant is no longer listed on the chain's website, and according to Yelp is closed. While there was no official announcement on the restaurant's Facebook page, the last post was from Oct. 2022. Click on the link listed and you'll get a "page not found" error.

In March 2023, Chick'nCone's second Michigan location opened up at 2090 Celebration Drive NE, Suite 124 in Grand Rapids.

New Year's Eve was its last day in business.

A few weeks ago Chick'Cone Grand Rapids shared to Instagram,

Attention Chick'nCone Fans in Grand Rapids!  Our location is closing permanently on December 31 at 4 PM... Keep an eye out for future pop-ups and on-site opportunities.

It is now listed on Google as "Permanently Closed".

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