The Detroit Tigers (53-40) lost to the Cleveland Indians (49-47) this afternoon in the first of 2 games in today's double header, 6-2. The action didn't start until the 5th inning, when Nick Swisher hit a fly double to score Lonnie Chisenhall. A ground single from David Murphy brought home Chisenhall, and Jason Kipnes hit a line drive single, to bring home Yan Gomes. Austin Jackson hit a soft ground single in the 5th and it was enough to score Eugenio Suarez. In the 7th, Jason Kipness hit another line drive single, scoring a run from Gomes. Gomes scored another run in the 9th, off the bat of Murphy. Later, Asdrubal Cabrera hit a line drive single to score a run from Murphy. J.D. Martinez would go out on a ground ball, to score Miguel Cabrera. But it wasn't enough Keep your radio dial tuned into Lansing's Big Talker, 1240 AM, WJIM at 6:40 tonight for another Tigers vs. Indians game.

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