Now that there has been a line drawn in the sand, I’m really at a crossroads. Everyone knows by now that the Big Ten, Pac-12, MAC, Ivy League and Division Two and many high schools have cancelled their seasons. At first I was adamant that the Big Ten did the right thing. But now I’m not so sure.

This is why. I really believe the Commissioner of the Big Ten felt that the SEC, ACC, Big 12 and Notre Dame would cave and follow suit. But that’s not happening. They are planning on going ahead with their scheduled games within their conference. Alabama head coach Nick Saban said last week their players are safer there than at home. Maybe he’s right.

Look, we have a local semi-pro team in Lansing, the Tri-City Crusaders. They have played seven games so far and will be playing this Saturday for their league championship. Their head coach Mike Wallace told me out of 255 guys in their league, they’ve had no one test positive for the coronavirus. That’s really unbelievable. Plus, all high school football in our state of Michigan has postponed, but boys soccer will be played in the fall. Someone has to explain that one to me.

I really believe that the Big Ten and everyone else might reconsider reinstating the season. These universities will be losing millions. Rabid fans can watch all the games on television or listen on the radio. They will have to put everyone in a bubble. But, it can be done. Two things to remember: the NFL is going full throttle and the Big Ten Commissioner Warren’s son plays for Mississippi State which is in the SEC. That’s crazy. We will see how this all plays out!

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