Grand Valley State University will celebrate the brand new renovated football center Wednesday June 19 and they have someone very special they have dedicated the facility to.

According to WZZM, there will be some big names in attendance among the 400 people who will be at the ceremony like Notre Dame head football coach Brian Kelly and Baltimore Ravens cornerback Brandon Carr.

GVSU has decided to dedicated the football center to Jamie Hosford who unfortunately passed away after a battle with cancer in 2014. Hosford earned 12 varsity letters and All American honors in both football and wrestling. He was also inducted into the GVSU Hall of Fame and Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame. Hosford also dedicated 25 years of his life to the Rockford Public Schools.

The new football center is now two stories, features 22,000 square feet and a host of amenities that should help the GVSU in recruiting top players.

Other features the Hosford Football Center includes:

  • A Champions Lobby with trophies and jerseys of Laker players who have moved on to the pro's.
  • Renovated athletic training and rehabilitation where players will have team doctors and trainers.
  • A 120 student all team meeting room.
  • Five new meeting rooms where different groups of the team can meet like offense, defense, kicking teams, coaches etc.



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