I am a petty, petty person and I just can't root for Ohio State. I want Alabama and Nick Saban to win ANOTHER Championship.

I hear this every year:

"I am sick of seeing the same teams every year."

"Nick SATAN! He is an ass#*!3!"

He is playing for his 6th title in 12 years at Alabama. He NEVER would have won that many titles here at MSU. Still, some Spartan fans have a red ass he left us for LSU back in 1999. It's like the Sopranos! It's over. Get over it. I am sure he doesn't mind you calling him an ass. MSU could have never paid him the almost 10 million per season he currently makes. He is the best College Football coach of this era. There is no argument. He may be the best to ever coach college football. Give him his due.

Now, Ohio State. I can't stand the way they get away with murder! Justin Fields getting to play right away. All the corruption swept under the rug. When Maurice Clarett was going to Ohio State. He had a 10 thousand dollar car STEREO stolen from his ride. How many college kids you know drive a10 thousand dollar car? I know, it was about 20 years ago and I need to get over it. But I won't and HATE Ohio State more than I do any other team.

Alabama will beat Ohio State Monday. Justin Fields will get hit hard and fold under the relentless pressure of the Nick Saban lead Alabama defense. Defense wins Championships, you know. Roll Tide!

Now, I wont be shocked if Ohio State does win. I just hope they don't. Monday at 8pm on ESPN 1. The Uno.

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