Halloween 2020. Not looking good.

I mean, October 31st will come and go and there will be plenty of candy, but I don't know how many people will be trick or treating. And even though it's on a Saturday night this year, looks like I won't have to run back and forth to watch college football while I'm passing out candy. If only there was something cool happening on that date to look forward to this year.

Ah - but there is.

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This year, on October 31st, step outside and take a look at the Blue Moon - the 2nd full moon of this October - occurring on Halloween. According to HouseBeautiful, this year's full moon on Halloween will be the last one on that date until the year 2039. By then, everything that's going on this year will just be another History Channel documentary. My advice, if they come to interview any of us - just shake your head and say, "Crazy times, man. Crazy times."

Who's with me?

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