So, officially, after this year, I don't want to hear any of this being said, and neither does Lake Superior State University.

The school has been compiling this list since 1976 to;

“uphold, protect, and support excellence in language by encouraging avoidance of words and terms that are overworked, redundant, oxymoronic, clichéd, illogical, nonsensical — and otherwise ineffective, baffling, or irritating.”

Basically, we need to stop saying all of these, can we just wipe the slate clean? I think you'll like the first banned word.

The list below was collected from Channel 4 in Detroit.

  • COVID-19
  • Social Distancing
  • We're All In This Together
  • In an abundance of caution
  • In these uncertain times
  • Pivot
  • Unprecedented
  • Karen
  • Sus
  • I know, right?

Personally, I think I'm lucky to not say these words as often--OR---maybe that was the biggest lie of the year. I'm sure I've said COVID-19 & Social Distancing more than I needed to on the air.

How often have you said some of the words listed above in the year 2020?

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