On Saturday, Ron Gardenhire, manager of the Detroit Tigers, abruptly retired. This is his third year with the team. Before that, he managed the Minnesota Twins for 13 years.

Of course, with the pandemic and shortened season this has been a turbulent season. Gardenhire has had a few health issues and wanted to be with his family. He felt now is the time to walk away from his managerial duties.

The Tigers are not going to the playoffs but did show a glimmer of the future with some good young talent coming up in the Tiger organization. They say he's leaving over some health concerns, and I believe that, but the Tigers are going nowhere, and the past two years they lost over 200 games. There really was no pressure for Ron Gardenhire to win, and he didn’t.

Gardenhire took over for  Brad Ausmus who failed in his tenure in Motown. Detroit has been pathetic for a long time now. Al Avilia the Tigers G.M. has to put a competitive team on the field soon or he will be shown the door. No excuses anymore for this franchise. They have made many mistakes with over-inflated contracts  and letting other ball players go that they shouldn’t have.

Ron Gardenhire probably did the best he could with the players he had to work with. Now the Detroit Tigers have a chance to do the right thing and hire a solid manager. Whom that will be is a great question. The Ron Gardenhire era and project has now come to an end.

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