Since you're going to have to save all your money anyway if you plan on drinking at a Tigers game this season, you might as well fill up on some FREE pizza!

A new brewpub out of Detroit called, Saucy Brew Works, which isn't too far from Comerica Park, is offering Tigers fans some free pizza.

The brewpub is recently opened in the Detroit area, first opening its doors on March 13th.

So, how do you get your hands on that pizza?
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You're gonna want to keep that ticket stub to start! All you have to do is exchange your ticket stub for an 8" pizza, which is a $14 value. The offer does have a limit of one per person, and is a dine-in-only offering, according to MLive.
The brewpub is open Sunday through Wednesday from 7 am to 10 pm. Then Thursday through Saturdays from 7 am to 11 pm.
Hence the name, you can get a wide selection of craft beers. The Saucy Brew Works has about 20 craft beers on tap. On top of their beer and pizza selection, you can also get chicken wings, sandwiches, and more!

“As the Craft Beer Partner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, we wanted to bring our love for sports and sports-enthusiasts to our new location in Detroit,” Marketing Manager Shelby Nicholson said to MLive. “This is the first of many offers we plan to promote related to Detroit’s home teams and we hope our new neighbors will seek out Saucy Brew Works as their new pre- and post-game destination.”

This is actually the only Saucry Brew Works in Michigan as well. Not only do they offer beer, pizza, and more, but they also have a full-service café, with seasonal coffee drinks, as well as bakery items.

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