The road to the World Series is always littered with former Detroit Tigers, is it not?

Dave Dombrowski, Architect Of The 2012 Tigers World Series Team, Makes History

Dombrowski, who is currently the president of the Philadelphia Phillies, made Major League baseball history by becoming the first team executive to lead four different clubs to the World Series.

Dombrowski, who led the Tigers when they last went to a Series back in 2012, made a key decision for the Phillies in mid-season when he fired Joe Girardi as manager and installed Rob Thomson, who went on a tear to lead the Phillies to the championship round.

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins
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The Tigers fired Dombrowski in 2015 as general manager, and hired Al Avila, who was himself fired this past season after six fruitless years. Dombrowski went on to the lead the Red Sox to a World Series title in 2018, and then was hired by the Phillies in 2020.

Dombrowski had led the Marlins to the World Series title in 2003 as their general manager.

Two Other Former Tigers Playing Key Roles In The Series

Two other former Detroit Tiger stars will be featured in this year's showdown between the Phillies and the Houston Astros.

Astros starting pitcher Justin Verlander will pitch Friday in the Series opener in Houston after putting up a stellar 18-4 record in 2022 with a league low 1.75 Earned Run Average(ERA).

Championship Series - New York Yankees v Houston Astros - Game One
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Over in Philadelphia, starting outfielder Nick Castellanos will play a key role n the Phillies quest for the title. Castellanos hit .263 with 13 home runs while playing in 136 games with the Phils, who squeaked into the playoffs as a wild card, after finishing third in the NL East.

Championship Series - San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Five
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5 Infuriating And Embarrassing Things Detroit Tigers Owner Chris Ilitch Said At The Al Avila Firing Press Conference

Detroit Tigers owner Chris Ilitch held a press conference minutes after announcing he had fired Al Avila as the club's general manager. Ilitch, who has been criticized as an aloof MLB owner with little to no real interest or passion concerning the Tigers, spent about 20 minutes answering questions from reporters.

His responses ranged from oblivious, to evasive, to outright apathetic. Here are the five worst things he said.

3 Big Reasons Why Theo Epstein Will Not Be The Next GM Of The Detroit Tigers

The Tigers are officially searching for their next general manager. A popular name among fans and media is Theo Epstein, who authored magical, curse-breaking championship runs with the Red Sox and Cubs.

His appeal is obvious: A bonafide, proven track record of success and championships, which he accomplished by resurrecting two historic baseball franchises that had been trapped in a cycle of mediocrity.

But Epstein would never fit with the Tigers, at least as the franchise currently operates.



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