It's kind of crazy to think here in Michigan we have a reptile such as the Easter Massauga Rattlesnake, even though they aren't even the biggest snake we have in this state.

With warmer weather coming back, you can expect many amphibians as well as reptiles to start emerging more now.

The Michigan DNR is asking those who venture out this spring, to keep their eyes out for reptiles such as snakes, turtles, lizards, frogs, toads, and even salamanders.

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A few of the species the DNR are especially asking you to look out for and report, according to MLive are as follows: The Blanding's turtle, the eastern box turtle, wood turtle, spotted turtle and of course, Michigan's only, and currently threatened rattlesnake, the Easter Massauga. If you happen to spot any of the following, you can let officials know by going to this website.

“Reptiles and amphibians benefit from conservation work done by the DNR and partners, but we also need assistance from community scientists to track how their populations are doing,” DNR wildlife technician Amy Bleisch said.  “Your observations help provide that data. It is especially important we get sighting reports of these rare species to help shape our conservation efforts here in Michigan.

The DNR is hoping to gather data involving distribution and where many of those reptiles and amphibians live abundantly here in Michigan.

You can also report other sightings of those critters here.

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