If you're not a fan of snakes, this definitely isn't the story for you. I'm terrified of snakes and I have the creeps writing about this.

It's normal to hear about crazy snake stories throughout the United States. We've got stories about snakes attempting to swallow alligators and ones that have made their way into peoples houses. Well, it's not often that Michigan makes it into this type of news category.

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Kayaker Finds Large Water Snake

If you're not into snakes, keep moving because this might make you rethink living here.

Last week, Victoria Vargas was kayaking along the Chippewa River when she stumbled across a VERY large water snake chilling on a log. Of course, one would be curious as to what kind of snake they just encountered. Especially one that large in a Michigan river.

So, she posted in the AskMidland Facebook page if anyone could identify the snake. Several users believe it's a Northern Water Snake. If you're wondering, no, they're not venomous.

You can see the massive water snake on the AskMidland's Facebook page. Here's a video of more Northern Water Snakes for comparison.

Six Types of Water Snakes in Michigan

Like I said, I'm terrified of snakes, regardless of their size. After seeing how large that Northern Water Snake was, I'm obviously going to google Michigan water snakes.

Good news, which I'm not quite sure is good news, we only have six. Bad news but maybe good news, only one is venomous.

Here's your list of Michigan water snakes:

  • Northern Water Snake (not venomous)
  • Copperbelly Water Snake (not venomous)
  • Northern Ribbon Snake (not venomous)
  • Queen Snake (not venomous)
  • Kirtland's Snake (not venomous)
  • Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake (venomous)

I really thought I didn't have to worry about these kinds of things anymore after leaving Florida. I was wrong, so wrong.

Where can I move where I will never have to stumble across a snake again? Alaska, maybe? I looked it up and they still have snakes but none of them are venomous and there's 'no official documentation of any snake species making a permanent home in the state.'

Looks like I'm heading to Alaska. Catch ya on the flip flop later.

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