The Detroit Zoo welcomed a lion cub for the first time in 40 years last week!

Her name is Binti, which means "daughter" in Swahili. She was born September 10th to lioness Asha and rescued lion Simba. Unable to give birth, Asha underwent a cesarean section. She unfortunately lost three out of four of her cubs, as they were still born.

Binti lived in an incubator for the first few weeks of her life where she had scheduled feedings, while the sounds and scents of other lions were introduced to her.

She was later moved to a playpen where she transitioned from milk to solid foods and is still slowly being introduced to the other lions visually and by scent. Because of the cesarean section, Binti was unable to bond with her mother Asha normally. She has however bonded with her aunt Amirah,

“She is learning to live with other lions, starting with her aunt, Amirah. We expect that she will eventually live with her entire family as a member of the Detroit Zoo pride.”

Due to the cold weather, it may be a little while before guests are able to see Binti.

I've always really loved lions and exotic animals. Years ago when I was trying to decide on what I wanted to go to school for, I decided on Veterinary Medicine. We were watching a viral video in class of a lion looking like it was trying to eat this toddler on the other side of the glass. My mind the entire time was like, "That lion is so beautiful. I'd love to spend my life working with large wild life." I sound terrible that I wasn't concerned about the child's life. But, in my defense, I wasn't worried about the child because it was safe on the other side of the glass.

I'm a big animal lover and no I didn't stay in the veterinary field, but I did work in it on and off for 7 years.

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