A low cost free agent that the Detroit Tigers picked up back in the winter is now the homerun leader in Major League Baseball.

When I was kid, who ever was the leader with the most homeruns in baseball was a very big deal. I was little playing in baseball in little league but Hank Aaron was a very big deal to me and a bunch of my baseball buddies.

The homerun title got really tarnished for me later in life when Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa were all found to have been using steroids when they earned their homerun crowns.

Miguel Cabrera, Cecil Fielder and Darrell Evans were the last three Tigers to earn the crown of homerun king. With both Cabrera and Fielder winning it twice.

With just 11 games into the season a surprise Tiger is currently the leader in the homerun department and so far as a catcher, has hit more homeruns this year than all the catchers that played for the Tigers last year.

Wilson Ramos has been around Major League Baseball for quite sometime but the Tigers got a deal on him and so far he is paying back that investment in major dividends by leading the league in homeruns.

According to MLive, Ramos smacked two out of the park against the Houston Astros in Tuesday nights Tigers 8-2 win.

Ramos said, "it's a dream come true. It's the first time in my career I've been in that spot. I'm very excited because I worked really hard during the offseason and I feel the work has paid off."

There is a long season a head of the Tigers and Ramos, but enjoy the position while you have it and keep smacking them out of the park.

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