You've heard strange, but have you ever heard about a cow having their own tomb? It's actually not too far fetched.

Look, I understand farmers go a long way for there cattle, even consider some to be family. But do you have a tombstone commemorating your lost cow? This Michigan asylum does!

There is a tomb here in Michigan, that was specifically consecrated for a beloved cow at the Northern Michigan Asylum, just outside of Traverse City.

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The Asylum was first opened in 1885, slowly becoming a much bigger complex that wasn't too far outside of Traverse City.

The asylum was self-sufficient, meaning that they would grow there own food, had there own power plant. They even had their own fire department.

Out of all the residents of the asylum at the time, there was one name that was more relevant than the others. That name belong to Colantha Walker, a grand champion milk cow.

When the cow had finally passed at the asylum, there was actually a grand banquet that was thrown to honor the accomplishments of the cow. They even erected a huge gravestone over Colantha's grave, commemorating the lost cow. At her best, she had produced 200,114 pounds of milk and an additional 7,525 pounds of butterfat.

What of the asylum today?

The asylum went out of business back in 1989, but the property is being repurposed to be a group of tiny shops, restaurants even condominiums.

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