The 2014 Detroit Tigers are off to a great start, even coming off getting swept in Cleveland.

Now the comparison will come between the 1984 World Champions team. That team began the season 35-5, and ended it beating the San Diego Padres in the World Series.

No major-league team has ever started out with such intensity in a 40-game stretch. I am talking since then also. That team was managed by George "Sparky" Anderson. This team if it would have stayed together would have won multiple World Series. Players like Morris, Gibson, Trammel and Whitaker. This team was perfect. I was lucky enough to be at the last game of the 1984 World Series. I saw the Tigers win it--that night was crazy. There were turned-over cars on fire, people were out of control.

Looking back I will always cherish that day in my life.

The current team has the second best record in all of baseball. They also have a first year manager named Brad Ausmus. I blogged about him a few weeks ago. He has done a solid job so far.

There are a lot of games to be played, but this team is built to win now. If the 2014 Tigers play with the aggressive and intense attitude the players from 1984 did, there might be another World Championship coming to Motown.