So, the hammer came down today because the Big Ten cancelled the 2020 football season. I think everyone knew after the Ivy League cancelled their fall sports and the MAC Conference cancelled football over the weekend it was inevitable.

Most of the players want to play, but there are some who don’t because of the uncertainty of Covid-19. Some players opted out and used their red-shirt eligibility. A few Big Ten schools are opposed to the decision of no football, but it’s in the best interest for everyone’s safety and well-being.

I really thought in the back of my mind there was no way college football would be played. Now, there are some other conferences who still haven’t cancelled yet, but that shoe will fall soon.

College football is a cash cow, and now it’s gone until next year. I would imagine many non-revenue generating sports will either be cancelled or postponed. These universities plan on that deep and long stream of cash flowing into their schools. Now this has dried up.

It's a very tough situation for the country because everyone loves and thrives on college football. It’s like a religion to people all over the United States. There could be an unprecedented spring football season, but that’s only a possibility and a pipe dream.

I’m absolutely devastated by this decision. This is what the coronavirus has done to the world. It has turned it upside down with sickness and death. We'll all just have to stand by and see what happens next.

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