So how cool is this whole streaming thing? Especially when it comes to watching high school sports these days. I mean back in the day, if you couldn't make it to the big high school game in person under the Friday night lights, you either had to settle for a family member's usually shaky video, a not that great quality TV broadcast either in real time or rebroadcast, or some other "technology" that wasn't as good as being there.

And that was usually only if said family member with the shaky video visited, or you lived close enough to the TV station that did the not that great quality TV broadcast. And don't even think about seeing any broadcast if you lived across the state or even farther away. That would've been next to impossible or, just plain old impossible.

But enter technology that probably would've been impossible to even consider back in the day and that would be streaming! Now I don't have to explain streaming to you but I can comment on the excitement people feel being able to witness high school sports in real time almost anywhere in the country, be it close to the game or far away from said Friday night lights where viewers have an interest in the local contest. How handy is this especially during COVID-19?

But beware my friend, because some people have come up with another way to wrestle your hard earned dollars from you when it comes to this kind of streaming according to News 10. You've got to be careful what websites you choose to sign up to watch the high school games because you may get scammed.

And that's even worse than that family member with the shaky video way back when. Right?

Get more info here from the News 10 website.

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