With high school sports approaching, the MHSAA will not require officials to wear masks.

As high school athletes across Michigan gear up for the fall sports season, there are still a few questions that need to be answered with more clarification when it comes to face masks. As of now, the one thing we do know is that game officials for indoor and outdoor high school sports will not be required to wear masks. That according to an announcement on the MHSAA Officiating Program Facebook page. 

MHSAA Contest Officials and Facial Coverings

After further consultation, it has been determined that MHSAA contest...

Posted by MHSAA Officiating Program on Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Face masks and face shields will not be required when officials are carrying out their duties, but they are allowed on the field if the officials decide to wear them. However, the sports officials are encouraged to wear face masks before the game, during any intermissions, and after the games. Also, as face masks are not in the rules for games, officials will not have a role in enforcing the face masks of players, coaches, or spectators.

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As far as the players, coaches, and spectators, that is a different story. Many coaches and parents are seeking clarification on the rules of the mask for their players. According to the Michigan High School Athletic Association's Return to Play Guidelines, facial coverings must be worn by everyone at all times. That rule included athletes both on and off the court/field. Hopefully, all the concerns over masks and sports get straightened out before the start of the season.


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