In this day and age, staying motivated and pumped up is quite the chore. So let’s delve into a few basics to keep your chin up and keep you grounded.

First, no matter what happens good, bad or ugly, you have to keep fighting and grinding every day. I really believe some things can really bring you down, but you have to attack it from the ground up and head on!

During these past six months of this pandemic, many awful things have occurred. For instance sickness, death, unemployment and of course uncertainty. I really believe whether you’re a female, male, young, or old no matter what color or creed you are, we all have to help each other. This is a tough time in this country right now. That’s why more than ever we have to unite and not fight.

Yeah, I know people might disagree with me. But as the old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. We will get out of this madness of wearing masks and dousing ourselves with sanitizer. But people have to understand no one has had an easy time lately. People have lost income, jobs, schooling and family members.

Please work hard at being a better person. I struggle with this all of the time. You think things are right on track and then you get kicked in the teeth once again. Don’t let the word negative ever be a roadblock in your life. I am working hard every day to look for the best in possible bad situations and the best in everything and everyone. So, always believe in the best version of yourself. Work at it!

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