It was an announcement that I know shocked a lot of people here in the Lansing area. It sure wasn't one that I was expecting to hear myself when I found out.

Mad Dog Leaving Sports Radio After 26 Years

The news was announced on Wednesday with Michigan State's head basketball coach, Tom Izzo.

Listen to the entire announcement below:

It was one that has been in the making for a few years now but wasn't put more publically out there until recently.

I was first informed of Dave's departure back in January after being promoted to Assistant Brand Manager for the station. It was something that caught me off guard.

Lansing Is Losing More Than Just A Radio Host

A lot of you know the man specifically behind the microphone. He's the guy who comes on, screams, and talks sports. There's a type of act that you hear, but that is how he is in real life too, but it's just more amplified when the mic opens.

I've been Dave's producer now for nearly two years and being in a studio with someone every day with someone, you get fairly close to them.


Dave is a HUGE supporter for Lansing businesses, as well as the community as a whole. He grew up here, and there's no better advocate for the city of Lansing. Seeing Dave day in and out the past two years, I've seen the things he's done to help businesses during the pandemic and advocate for the little guys.

As his last producer here in Lansing, and his current brand manager, I want to wish him the best, and it is an honor to be the guy closing you out on 26 years in radio on your own terms.

Not many in radio get to choose their ending on their own, especially not in a run of 26 years. Thank you for all the support and mentoring that helped get me to where I am currently at today.

Say Goodbye To Dave One Last Time!

Dave is doing one last show out at One North Bar & Grill, to say goodbye to the community that not only he supported, but was supported by all these years.

Bring the friends, bring the families. He is excited to see you as he takes off to his next journey!

So, What's Coming Up Next For WVFN?

We've got a big announcement that's on the way, that we cannot wait to share with you. You'll have to keep listening to see what is coming up next!

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