It's officially getting to that time of the year again where we talk about football. Most of us are thankful to even hear that football is being played.

This year, we are throwing a curveball at you...wrong sport, I know.

For years now, Lansing's Big Talker 1240 WJIM has been your home for Detroit Lions Football. This year, in hopes of less interference with Tigers baseball and regularly scheduled programming, we've decided to name a new den for the Lions.

This year, you can listen to Detroit Lions Football all season long on Lansing's Only Sport's Station - The Game 730 AM WVFN.

Since you cannot attend this year in person, it only makes sense for you to listen to the only sports station in Lansing for Detroit Lions Football.

*NOTE: Due to streaming rules, we cannot air Lions Football on our stream*
Are you ready to live the #OnePride life on a station that's been broadcasting sports since May of 1992? That's nearly 30 years of sports talk radio in Mid-Michigan.
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