We are the Great Lakes state. Michigan boasts more than 60 miles of coastline, along with four great lakes that represent one fifth of the world's surface fresh water. Along with Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior and Lake Huron, Michigan also has over 11,000 inland lakes. We are literally surrounded by water.

There are some of the most naturally beautiful Waterfalls here that will take your breath away. But if you are seeking some awesome swimming holes, many of those exist in Michigan as well. Some of the smaller quieter waterfalls also qualify and are great places to commune with nature and jump in the water.

Many of the swimming hole locations are in the Munising area and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Most are easy to access and well worth the drive to these remote locations. With summer heating up this year, it’s time to grab your swimsuit and jump into some of our state’s beautiful freshwater locations. Even though there are plenty of beaches to explore on our Great Lakes, we’re concentrating more on unique waterfall swimming holes in the UP.

Get in the water and explore all of the natural wonders Michigan has to offer, that will keep you cool and help you beat the summer heat. Always be sure and bring your sunscreen, the water will keep you cool but the sun can still cause pain.

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With climate change and the United States heating up in the west and south right now, many have speculated that by the end of this century Michigan will be one of the most desirable states to live in, due to the moderate climate. Being surrounded by water appears to not be a bad thing. We certainly enjoy it here in Michigan.

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