Our state offers some great winter sports, Snowmobiling, Skiing, Sledding, but Snow Tubing has become a huge favorite family activity. And we certainly have several excellent locations for Snow Tubing in Michigan, which we have listed for you here.

MLive reports What's better than sledding? Snow tubing is better than sledding. The hills are typically bigger and they are groomed for maximum levels of fun. Most of these places provide a system for getting back up the hill that doesn't require climbing until you are out of breath. Oh, and tubes are just a lot of fun. We miss them after our last tubing trip of the summer and this is a way to reconnect.

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Here’s your list of places that will allow you to take Snow Tubing to the next level. Make sure and bundle up, it’s a lot of fun but it’s still cold!


Being an outdoor sport as long as you social distance and wear a mask it's a safe way to have fun outdoors with friends and family. So get out of the house this winter and enjoy the outdoor beauty of Michigan and all of our wonderful snow. For kids and grownups snow tubing is maximum fun.

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