East Lansing is a high energy community, mainly due to Michigan State University being there. All those students not only keep the East Lansing economy hopping, but all of the businesses in the city too. A couple years ago I did some ride sharing over there and no matter where you start in the Lansing area, you will always end up at MSU.

Transporting students from class to class, and home to school, and groups going to out to eat was very interesting. Especially when you have a car full of Chinese students going to the Golden Wok. I never could understand what they are saying, but it sounded interesting. Driving all over the area got me very familiar with many of the streets. And yes there are some that could be quite challenging to pronounce.

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The students come from small and big cities in America, and from all over the world. Even though they are being college educated I’m sure some of the street names in East Lansing can be quite challenging. Heck some of these are even challenging for me and I live here. I’m lucky I had a great teacher in grade school who was great at teaching you how to sound out your words. Here’s ten street names I think would be challenging for anyone not familiar with them.

10 East Lansing Streets New MSU Students Have a Hard Time Pronouncing

Even people who have lived in East Lansing for a long time might have trouble because these are some difficult street names to pronounce.


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