I was born in Lansing General Hospital but grew up on the mean streets of Webberville. As a kid, I noticed SO MANY people said POP. "Hey, let's go get a pop." As I got older, pop also became code for beer. "me and the boys had a few pops after work."

So, the #1 thing you don't say to someone from Lansing is: "Soda." If you say "let's go for a soda." Someone from Lansing will correct you. "IT'S POP!"

#2 If you are going to go shopping, you are likely going to Krogers or Meijers. You are NOT going to Meijer or Kroger. It has to be plural for people from Lansing to understand.

#3 "Go Lions!" If you have been living in Lansing for any amount of time, you know damn well, the Lions suck and don't deserve to be cheered for. Deb Hart disagrees with this.

#4 "The roads around here suck!" We know, they suck everywhere in Michigan.

#5 "Go Blue." Seriously. They will burn you like a couch around here for saying that.

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