With Tuesday's announcement that the Big Ten, Pac-12, and Atlantic Coast Conference will form an alliance for athletics scheduling and other purposes, the immediate and long-range futures of college sports in America continues to be in flux.

But as Yahoo's Dan Wetzel and Fox Sports lead college football analyst Joel Klatt says:

I couldn't agree more with both of these gentlemen.  Especially Joel's first point.  The B1G, Pac-12, and ACC are creating a bigger seat at the table for themselves to outvote the Southeastern Conference (SEC) on key issues such as potential College Football Playoff (CFP) expansion and other ways to create revenue.

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Looking at the Zoom video with the three conference commissioners Tuesday, I felt like "The Godfather" theme should've been playing in the background.  They looked like the heads of the three (not five like in the movie) "families".

This is a gutsy power move by the PAC-12, Big Ten, and ACC.  But it's only in response to what Texas and Oklahoma did earlier this summer (going to leave the Big 12 for the SEC).

The SEC basically said:  "We've now got Texas and Oklahoma in the fold to make a 16-team superleague.  We now make the rules in college sports (not just football)."

The B1G, ACC, and PAC-12 said in response:  "Uh, no you don't!!!  We've now got 41 schools in an alliance to outvote you in any CFP expansion talks. (or anything else, for that matter).  We're gonna makes the rules!"

Remember, the current CFP contract runs through 2025 (although there's been talk to expand it in recent months).  And the current deal for the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament with CBS/Turner runs through 2032.  We'll find out in the coming weeks and months who really will make the rules going forward when these (and other media contracts) are renegotiated or extended.  Either way, it'll be fun or comical to watch!

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