Bruce Pearl has been hired by Auburn to be their next head coach.

Pearl received a six-year deal worth about $15 million. This new head coach has got to prove himself again in the minds of a lot of people. He got himself into trouble before, but he has a second chance now with Auburn.

Pearl was canned in 2011 because he lied to the NCAA.This after Pearl recruited a prospect--Aaron Craft, who ended up at Ohio State--illegally. He was given a three-year show cause, which expires in August. It was very disturbing and alarming that Pearl did this.

So, while he was banned he was an in-studio analyst for ESPN, where I felt he did a great job.

That was then and this is now. Obviously, Auburn thinks he has learned a lesson from his past to hire him to such a lucrative contract. Don't get me wrong: Bruce Pearl is a very good coach who has a ton of charisma. But people have to be scratching their heads about a contract of that magnitude.

Pearl can win in the SEC--it's not a power conference in college basketball. He will be under a microscope for a few years by the NCAA.