Brad Ausmus has been the manager of the Detroit Tigers for a few years now. His time might just be nearing an end. I'm not going to grade Ausmus because that's pointless. The Tiger's have reached the playoffs once since his tenure. He has two of former Tiger manager Jim Leyland's staff on his staff. This makes no sense to me at all.

Brad Ausmus was hired by former G.M. David Dombrowski. Dombrowski was fired by the Tigers and now is with the Boston Red Sox. Ausmus just look like he is having any fun at all. This team shouldn't be under five hundred. When he was hired he was never a big league manager. This was his first opportunity. He was a major league catcher for 18 years and is a Dartmouth grad.

For whatever reason this doesn't seem to be working out. Yeah, he doesn't play and injuries are part of the game. But, Ausmus just seem like a take charge guy. Today's managers are different. I don't expect old school managers, but he just hasn't put his identity on this team yet. Former managers Sparky Anderson and Jim Leyand had it. Maybe, because they had a ton of experience. The clock is ticking on Brad Ausmus, it's time to kick it in first gear.

Houston Astros v Detroit Tigers
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