If you were boating on the Erie Canal in New York State back in the 1800s, you would have heard the call of "low bridge, everybody down!" and ducked your head. It's not something boaters today have to worry about much - unless you are boating on the Coldwater chain-of-lakes in southern Michigan.

There is an incredibly low bridge that carries Warren Road over a channel that joins Coldwater Lake with East Long Lake.

Back in 2017, Branch County and area residents got involved in a dredging effort to add a little more head-space for boaters passing under the bridge. WTVB reported,

Sand build up has made the Warren Road Bridge difficult or impassable at times and the Coldwater Lake Association is trying to do something about it.

Lake Association President Dennis Babjack says the winter ice flows, larger boats and natural lake currents have been among the causes and they plan to dredge in a few days once fish spawning season ends.

Babjack says keeping access open to the chain of lakes is a convenience, not an entitlement. He points out the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Branch County, Ovid Township, adjacent property owners or the lake associations are not financially responsible for dredging the channel open or removing sand build up.

Driving over the channel will give you plenty of head space. Warren Road is about 5 miles north of the Indiana state line and runs between Old US 27 and the small hamlet of Algansee.

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