According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources the Great Lakes State ranks third in the nation when it comes to recreational boaters. We are a "Water-Winter Wonderland", after all!

With nearly 800,000 boats registered in the Mitten, even if you don't own a boat yourself you probably know someone who owns a boat-- or two! But what happens when it's time to upgrade or you're ready to leave that boat-life behind?

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Too often we see long forgotten boats that have become overgrown with weeds and have been left to decay in some hidden corner of a yard somewhere. Then what do you do? Thankfully, the Michigan DNR may be able to help!

On social media the Michigan State Parks, Trails and Waterways page shared some promising news about an upcoming pilot program from the state saying,

Do you have a boat in your yard growing weeds? There may be help in the future…The Michigan DNR is working with Michigan Boat Industries Association to find a way to recycle fiberglass boats, a national challenge that Michigan is hoping to solve...Some of these boats may be older and no longer be useful to you, but your boat could be used to help make new products
Although this one is new to me, I have heard of similar recycling/repurposing projects taking place elsewhere across the globe. For example, conservationists in Australia have used sunken vehicles such as old motorcycles and plane fuselages to help restore the Great Barrier Reef.Here in the Mitten the DNR says it's possible that these old fiberglass boats could be recycled into such useful products as concrete. Now this is the kind of innovation we love to see!If you or someone you know has an old boat in the yard that's just collecting weeds, you're asked to fill out an online survey here.
As Quinten Moughler commented on the Michigan State Parks' post,
You're not a true Michigander unless you have at least one old boat in your yard...

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