There will always be a debate about who is the greatest head coach in Detroit pro sports history. This is only an opinion, but I've based my choices on facts.

I can’t include a coach from the Detroit Lions because they have smelled for the past 50 years since the Bobby Layne curse. This sad NFL franchise can’t even treat their Hall of Fame players with respect, so they don’t even make the list. Even though I do like what they might be trying to accomplish.

In my opinion, these three legendary men I chose are all special in their own unique ways. Let’s talk about each of these men.

First, let’s talk about “Big Daddy Rich” who is the Detroit Pistons and "Bad Boys” head coach Chuck Daly. Daly was a special coach and knew how to motivate some classic historic NBA players. He was a 2x NBA champion head coach and voted a top 10 coach in the history of the NBA. He also was the 1992 United States men’s Olympic basketball team (“The Dream Team”) head coach that won a gold medal. He was special.

Then, there was George “Sparky” Anderson. Anderson was another motivator with a flair for getting the best out of his players. He won two World Series Championships in 1975 and 1976 with the Big Red Machine. Then he won another World Championship with the Detroit Tigers in 1984. That was the last time they won a World Series. I was there too when they trounced the San Diego Padres. He was a 3x World Series champion and a 2x AL Manager of the year with Detroit. “Sparky” was a special human being.

Last but not least the Detroit Red Wings outstanding head coach Scotty Bowman. Bowman as a head coach in the NHL won a record 9 Stanley Cups. He won three with the Detroit Red Wings. He just was pure greatness with his motivating players and innovating ways.

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I have to say that all three of these special cats are even because of what they meant to their teams as the leaders in Motown.

Even though Bowman won more World Titles, I feel they are all tied up because of the pure greatness and class these men showed in their chosen profession. Who’s your best? Please let us know.

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