Last week, I wrote that it was "Make or Break" week for the Detroit Red Wings.  As they try to make the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Well, I wasn't completely right on that.  But I wasn't completely wrong, either.  Even though they lost at home to Washington last Tuesday, they did get a point for losing in overtime to Pittsburgh on Thursday.  And they got a massive two points by beating Toronto in overtime last Saturday night on Dylan Larkin's (seen above) goal.

As of this writing (morning of April 15th), the Red Wings are tied for the 2nd (and last) Wild Card spot in the NHL's Eastern Conference.  Here's how it stands with four days left in the regular season:

Washington Capitals  87 points  2 games left (vs. Boston, @ Philadelphia)

Detroit Red Wings  87 points  2 games left (vs. Montreal, @ Montreal)

Philadelphia Flyers  87 points  1 game left (vs. Washington)

Pittsburgh Penguins  86 points  2 games left (vs. Nashville, @ New York Islanders)

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The Wings lose the tiebreaker to all of the above teams due to fewer regulation wins.  So they need to finish with more points than all three of these teams to get the last spot.

Also, the New York Islanders have 90 points and are 3rd in the Metropolitan Division (the last guaranteed playoff spot in the division).  They only need two points in their last two games to clinch that spot.  But Washington and/or Pittsburgh can still catch them if they win out and the Islanders lose both of their remaining games.  That would drop the Islanders into the Wild Card race.  And if Detroit ties them, the Wings would have the tiebreaker (due to more regulation wins).

But the simplest solution is for the Wings is to win twice over Montreal (get four points) and for Washington to lose either to Boston or Philadelphia.  If that happens, Detroit is in.  They are other scenarios where Detroit could get in if they lose once (or even twice in overtime) to Montreal, but that's way more complicated than what I just told you.

If the Wings get in, they would play Boston, the New York Rangers, or Carolina in the first round.  But they gotta get there first.

And now, for real this time, This is it.

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