These days of the Pandemic Era have brought less people in and back to the workplace. I have really noticed that people have gotten fat and sassy during these trying times. Let’s really look at this.

I am very disappointed with this current situation in this country. My wife lost her diner business in the beginning of all of this mess. Now, there were other circumstances involved, but I learned a lot from her situation. Many people have gotten used to getting unemployment and going into other less physically demanding jobs. That's leaving jobs that require manual labor unfilled and unoccupied.

Just last week at Metro Airport in Detroit on a Delta Flight, my wife and I had to wait in the plane on the tarmac for almost two hours because there was no one to put the baggage in the airplane. I love Delta, but this was absolutely unbelievable. This is just a few of thousands of stories I have heard in the last two years.

I have friends and family that own restaurants and they can’t get people back to work and rehired. Thus, they have had to close permanently! This is very troubling to me because the restaurant business can be very profitable for employees. But the American work ethic has gone in a different direction than back to work.

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Also, the medical profession has gone haywire because of short staffing and over worked people. Technology has also taken a front seat because people don’t want to use any manual labor. This country has gotten soft because of this Pandemic! That’s the bottom line.

Where there were no jobs for many years, there are now thousands of jobs. If you need a job in almost any field, they are available. Yeah, Coronavirus can be killer. I respect COVID, I just don’t fear it! If you disagree with me, please by all means let me know. If you own a business, please put your two cents in too. It’s real easy to sound off if you don’t have a dog in the fight!

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