Well, it’s been almost three months since Michigan hasn’t been able to bring back empty bottles. I don’t know about you, but this is going to be a royal pain bringing them back for returns. At our home, we have at least eight garbage bags full of plastic returnable bottles and cans. Then, we have a lot of glass bottles too.

So I’m wondering, like a lot of other Michiganders, when will we be able to bring these back to large or small stores for returns? This pandemic has everything turned upside down. But our Governor has to give the all clear to bring the bottles back.

If workers at the specific stores can wipe down and sterilize push carts, why can’t workers be at the bottle return machines doing the same thing? This isn’t brain surgery. I have heard some people are throwing their bottles away. Or giving them to charities when they can bring the bottles back. Let’s really look at this now.

When we have the green light to bring back bottles and cans, it will be an absolute torture chamber. So, many people will be in line. It will take hours. Or, will they go alphabetically? No matter what the strategy is, it will be unbelievable! I really believe Covid-19 and the coronavirus is for real. It has killed over 100,000 people in our great country but there could be a plan to take back bottles in a safe and sterile manner.

So, the bottom line is, when will we be able to bring back our bottles and cans? I’m sure you would like to weigh in on this crazy topic and please do. I know this is an absolute safety precaution but it could be done by now. Just saying!

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