Well, it finally came to be. People in our great state of Michigan can finally bring back bottles and cans to certain stores. The way I understand, it’s at the discretion of the store owners if they want to take bottles back at this time.

I said yesterday morning the water is fine. It’s now time to jump in and get these back to the store. So, I drove to Kroger’s and they had it organized to absolute perfection. I waited in line with five full garbage bags for just a short time. Then, it was my turn to go to the return machine.

I attacked this machine with passion and fury. I was like a machine gun firing those cans and bottles in. It was 25 minutes later and out spit multiple receipts. I grabbed them and brought them up front to be cashed in. I was just under the $25 allotment. Bob Barker would have been proud of me. I cashed in at $24 and 40 cents.

Now it’s Tuesday and time for round two at the grocery store. I do the exact same thing. Cashed out at $22 and 50 cents. It’s almost like going to a casino. I wear my mask and gloves of course.

I have three more visits with bottles and cans. I have this down to a science. I will bring all the glass bottles back on the last day. Finally our garage will be a garage again. Because since the pandemic four months ago, it’s just been a bottleneck to move around in.

Now I want to hear from you. Please tell me your stories of your escapades with bottle and can returns.

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