I know we just had a little snow but it is never too early to start getting your lawn ready for the season, but when should you actually get started?

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Your Michigan Lawn


One thing great about living in Michigan, is we get all four seasons, and believe it or not, each season has something to do with how your lawn will turn out.

Not everyone can afford landscapers and lawn technicians to take care of their lawn and most people don't have the time. Underground sprinklers for most people are not an option but if you do have some time, it's not too hard to have a decent lawn in West Michigan.

Weed and Feed Your Lawn


It is always a good idea to get a headstart on weeds and dandelions. Don't wait until weeds and dandelions are already all over your yard to get rid of them. It is better to get your weed and feed out early. Weather permitting it's best to do this sometime between February and April. We get a lot of snow plus you may be on a budget so sometime in mid to late April and very early in May can still work.

You can find a good weed and feed and most big-box  DIY stores, heck even Meijer and Walmart have pretty good selections, and it's usually a little cheaper because they buy in bulk.

A green barrel with weed and grass fertilizer
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You will need a way to spread the weed and feed out. Depending on your lawn size a simple walk-behind spreader will do the job. The bags of weed and feed will give you a good idea of what setting to use on your spreader. Just make sure you know how much area you are going to cover and follow the directions that fit your lawn size.

You don't want too much fertilizer in one place and not enough in the other. Try to get an even spread or you will get a lawn that will have different colors of green and maybe even a few burn spots if you spill any concentrated amounts in one spot on your lawn.

Try and use a slow-release granular fertilizer because this type will release nutrients your lawn needs over time helping make the color even and longer-lasting.

Lawn sprinkler
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You can water your lawn after but if you don't want to waste the water or the money on the water bill. Keep an eye on the weather and plan to spread your fertilizer when good rain is coming. Whatever you do, don't overwater your lawn it will use up the nutrients faster.

Maintain Michigan Lawn

Green grass on sunny meadow morning sparkling dew water drops

The spring fertilizer or weed and feed is the most important but in a couple of months the nutrients will go away and you may have to hit the lawn again if your budget allows it.

I'm lucky where I live, there is a lot of clay and nitrogen in the ground with a lot of trees to block the sun that keeps my lawn pretty nice with minimal work as long as the right amount of rain occurs.

If you have an open yard with nothing shading your lawn, it will take more water and applications to keep that yard green the full summer.

If you can afford to hire someone to do all this and have a sprinkler system you are all set, but if you are on a budget and limited time, find a system that works best for you.

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