The Auburn Hills police department posted video evidence of a search warrant that had been served this weekend.

For a disclaimer, the assailant is unharmed and left the incident willingly.

Furry Friend Living Rent Free, Caught By The Police

Sometimes you just have to have fun at work, and that's what the Auburn Hills Police department did.

The police department, posted a video to their Twitter account over the weekend, of an assailant, or more like a raccoon, inside of a trash can.

TikTok Took The Viral Video From Auburn Hills PD & Ran With It

The video went viral, making its way all the way over to TikTok, where the video currently has over 4.3 million views.

The comment sections are flooded as well with great little puns about the incident.

"How do you know it’s the right guy he’s wearing a mask" - Grumpy Old Dude ;-)

Other comments were defending the raccoon, saying it did nothing wrong:

"My boy ain’t do nothing, hold it down RICO DONT SAY ANYTHING WITHOUT YOUR LAWYER" -Soup

One user even compared the raccoon to that of the guardian of the galaxy:

"Guardians of the Galaxy goes hood" - Nick Stokes

If you also take note of the hashtags from the Twitter post, the Auburn Hills PD called the coon a #TrashPanda.

And to clarify, that's the cutest criminal we've seen all year...

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