On April 28, Caleb Swanigan told the media he was still "100 percent" committed to Michigan State.

Just 10 days later, he was no longer headed to MSU.

So what changed, and how did it happen so quickly?

Many fans and analysts suggested Swanigan’s adopted father, Roosevelt Barnes, who played basketball, football and baseball at Purdue in the 1980s, had something to do with Swanigan’s change of heart. Their speculation suggested Barnes was delivering Swanigan to the Boilermakers.

Others say Swanigan wants to play at California with his friends Ivan Raab and Jaylen Brown

And others yet think it's simply a case of a teenager changing his mind.

Kyle Neddenriep from the Indianapolis Star, who has covered Swanigan for years, said Swanigan's decommittment isn't all that surprising in retrospect. Hear his take in the video above.